Bethany Petty

Practice Consultant

Bethany Petty is a practice management consultant who breaks the mold. In an effort to remove herself from the abrasive consultant persona, Bethany spent time earning masters degrees in Adult Education and Health Communication, which enables her to present information in a way that dentists and team members understand and appreciate. Her approach is unique in that she customizes her suggestions and training to fit the individual personality and specific goals of the practice. Rather than approaching each practice with the same “fix-it”guide, she evaluates the practice, talks with team members, and listens to the dentist before making any suggestions. She truly provides a customized consulting plan. In addition, Bethany has the heart to help dentists. She has a legacy of dental field professionals in her family, and she has had the privilege of helping her father to build, manage, and maintain a successful family practice. With the heart to serve dentists, she has made a difference in practices all over the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.

If you have any questions, contact Bethany at 214-551-5357 or email her at

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