This ICO Aims to Disrupt the Dental Industry

Like other healthcare services, dental practices operate to obtain and retain patients. The dental industry is evolving largely in part to different technology.

In an article from the Huffington Post, author Danielle Sabrina writes, “More than 60 percent of working-age Americans avoid the dentist due to cost. However, there are other big changes affecting dentists and their patients”.

In the article, Sabrina discusses:

  • Macroeconomic challenges
  • Cryptocurrency and blockchain
  • Dentacoin and industry-specific cryptos

Sabrina continues, “If the concept catches on, you could see other industries developing their own custom currencies. Crypto’s popularity reflects consumers’ loss of confidence in fiat currencies and causing some individuals to embrace alternative forms of money such as bitcoin, gold and silver”. How is your dental practice adapting to customer expectations?

To read more, see the full article from Danielle Sabrina in the Huffington Post.

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