Expanding a Dental Practice

Expanding your dental practice into a multilocational group practice takes time, effort, and years of planning. However, expanding your dental practice has numerous benefits.

In an article from Dental Economics, author Vincent Cardillo writes, “If you aspire to become a growth-oriented expanding practice, the dental industry is ripe with opportunity. Developing your solid foundation for growth as explained in Stage 1 is your first step”.

In the article, Cardillo discusses:

  • Finding your niche
  • Location
  • The buy or build option
  • Office name
  • Office culture

Cardillo continues, “ The decisions made in Stage 1 are all intertwined, and you will need to make choices in tandem. Once you accomplish Stage 1 and decide to take more steps toward entrepreneurial growth, my subsequent articles will continue to guide you through this process”. If you are considering opening an additional dental practice, this is a great read!

To read more, see the full article from Vincent Cardillo in Dental Economics.

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