Should Dentists Continue to Use Fluoride?

When patients go to a dentist appointment they are expecting to be treated with fluoride. Dentist have been using fluoride for decades. But can it be harmful?

In an article from Multi Briefs, author Heather Linderfelt writes, “Scientists and health boards reviewed and researched this claim made in 1975 by Dr. John A. Yiamouyiannis and Dr. Dean Burk that the artificial fluoride added to drinking water increased the rate of cancer. While some tests showed a possible association, each subsequent review and research found errors in the original claim and no definite link could be made between the use of fluoride in the drinking water and cancer”.

In the article, Linderfelt discusses:

  • More research
  • The link between fluoride and cancer
  • What’s next?

Linderfelt continues, “ With so much speculation in fluoride hazards and the difficulty in controlling the amount of fluoride each person ingests, combined with the research on promising new substances that help, why isn’t the dental industry investing more in finding a safer alternative?”. What are your thoughts on the use of fluoride in your dental practice? Is a safer alternative possible?

To read more, see the full article from Heather Linderfelt in Multi Briefs.

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