Dentistry And Its Glorious Digital Future

Like other industries, dental practices everywhere are being influenced by the increasing use and capabilities of technology.

In an article from CXOToday, Dr. Shantanu Jaradi writes, “The upcoming years of dental technology will flock in radical new oral health methods that will transform enduring painful dental appointments into swift and effortless visits”.

In the article, Jaradi discusses:

  • Digital transition
  • Digital advancements
  • The upswing of Dental Tourism

Jaradi continues, “The future of dental technology although will bring with it many stirring changes for dentists and oral surgeons, but for patients the pluses are unpretentious: Less time, money, and uneasiness. Persistently budding technologies are transforming the face of dentistry, making the fear of a sore dentist appointment truly a thing of the past”. Is your practice ready to adapt to new technologies revolutionizing the industry?

To read more, see the full article from Dr. Shantanu Jaradi in CXO Today.

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