Monthly Archives: November, 2016

Training Misconceptions

Although dentists complete thousands of hours of training before stepping into their roles, they often have misconceptions with regard to training employees. Roger Levin, DDS, identifies three of those misconceptions in DentistryIQ: You think you can hire the perfect employee. Quite plainly, Dr. Levin says, “You’re indulging in fantasy if you think you can skip…

Why Americans Don’t Go to the Dentist

It’s no secret that dental visits aren’t most people’s favorite activity. In fact, some people avoid the dentist completely. The American Dental Association (ADA) recently published the results of a survey which sought to find out why so many adults don’t go to the dentist. Predictably, cost was the number one reason most respondents cited….

Your New Team Member

When you bring on a new team member, that first day is critical. Even with the best of intentions, sometimes you don’t accomplish all of your training goals. Things get busy and you have all of your regular dental practice duties to attend to. If your new team member is filling a position that is…

Stay Vigilant Against Staff Burnout

In a recent RDH article, two researchers take an in-depth look at the causes underlying burnout in the dental profession. Burnout is often misunderstood. It’s not a matter of “I’m sick of my job,” it’s more like “the emotional toll of my work is wearing me down.” Kandice Swarthout-Roan, MS, RDH, LPC-Intern, and Priya Singhvi,…

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