Monthly Archives: June, 2016

Is Your Handpiece Working Properly?

June 24, 2016 To clean your dental handpiece, first use a soft-bristled brush and warm water, before putting it in the autoclave. Soaps and detergents are not recommended. They can get into the bearings and weaken lubrication, or destroy the optics. This will reduce the lifespan of your dental handpiece, which is a significant business…

How to Hire Great People

June 17, 2016 Are you adding more staff? Here’s what to do to attract the best people. Update the description of the job you’re trying to fill. Even if you have an existing description, chances are the duties of that job might have changed. There could be additional responsibilities or maybe tasks have been shifted…

Beyond Dentistry: Managing Patients and Your Team

June 10, 2016 An interest in practice management is not what motivates most students to study dentistry. Yet, here you are with your own practice, and you’re the boss. There is a triad of balance you must achieve: the relationships between you and your patients, you and your staff, and your patients and your staff….

Employee Wellness Programs and Your Practice

June 3, 2016 You have probably read about the widespread popularity of employee wellness programs at practices and businesses of all kinds. You may already have such a program in place for your employees. As adoption continues to increase, the data is being evaluated to determine whether or not these programs have any measurable value….

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