Monthly Archives: January, 2015

Your Dental Team’s Resiliency

How well does your team perform in a crisis?  When everything is rosy and running on schedule, a team typically performs well, but in the dental world, oftentimes the schedule goes through many changes by the end of the day, including emergencies, cancellations, team members who call in sick, etc.   A well-laid plan can come…

8 Ways to Use Your Time More Efficiently

An efficient dental office is great for not only the dentist, but staff and patients, too.  A well-oiled machine equals more patients.  Keeping them happy during their visit includes not having long wait times in your office.    Though you can’t please all of the people all of the time, here are some helpful tips:  1….

Oral Health, as Defined by the CSA

What is oral health?  The American Dental Association Council on Scientific Affairs (CSA) discussed the different dimensions involved in defining oral health and reached a consensus that achieved approval at the 2014 House of Delegates. They first drafted the definition and then sought feedback from multiple organizations in the U.S. and abroad before bringing it…

Want to Grow Your Practice Rapidly?

Has your practice’s growth plateaued or declined over the last few years?  Would you like to create rapid growth in your practice in spite of the weak economy?  You can if you make some changes to the way you practice the business of dentistry. You can’t run your practice the same way that you have…

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